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The Life House offers a spacious sanctuary setting for friends and community to gather, create, rejuvenate, and connect with the depth and breadth of this place.

To the west are incredible views of the mountain range with spectacular sunsets, and to the east are wide open plains, with hiking trails along the mesa, and inspiring sunrises.

The broad vistas of the Rocky Mountains are the backdrop of the Life House, home to visionaries and creators of a more beautiful world.

The Life House is located on the southeast edge of Boulder, Colorado, and is a 10 minute drive from downtown Boulder.


The life house is designed to be a sanctuary and a space where new behaviors and emerging paradigm culture can be practiced and celebrated, in the context of shared living and cohabitation.

It is a home where community can come together to explore the edges of creative possibility, birth new ideas and practice the principles of a thriving culture that equip us to better lead ourselves and others.

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Private Rooms

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